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Trigger teachers and learners by including new skills and internationalisation in the educational programme for secondary education
TRIGGER offers a new teaching approach combined with new learning materials about teaching Internationalization and provides teachers with suggestions about how to teach new skills, such as being adaptive for changes, being a team player, being an active EU citizen, being curious, interactive and taking care of the environment. All products have been tested by teachers from different European countries, and the project group revised the tools such as the 12 learner tasks and the teacher handbook based on the FEEDBACK given by the TEACHERS!

"I really felt a sense of belonging to a group. I was no longer just a girl from a small country with economic and social difficulties. I felt I am a European citizen and I felt integrated in the world." (Romanian student)

"Concerning the new skills: Pupils can do more than you think!’ (teacher/seminar)
‘I learned that what is more important than knowledge is adaptability, empathy, a pro active attitude. And I am going to try to focus on teaching my students these skills and attitudes! ’ (teacher/seminar)

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