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‘’Trigger teachers and learners by including new skills and internationalisation in the educational programme for secondary education.’’


Teachers still struggle with the task how to implement EU competences and new skills in the classroom. After a thorough research we found out that the idea of how to combine the new skills in the regular lessons was missing, and that it was also difficult for them to get used to working together not in sectoral teams but with a teacher of another subject.


However, Education has the challenge to deliver learners that are ready to compete on the global market. Europe must invest in the quality of education if it is to meet the challenges of youth unemployment. The TRIGGER project tried to make a difference and  developed a new methodology for the teachers that will help them to teach their pupils to become active Europeans. The project is about: “Trigger teachers and learners, through including new skills and internationalization in the educational programme for secondary schools.


Teaching internationalization. This is easier said than done, we now know! What tips did teachers give to fellow teachers in our project?

'You need to be critical towards yourself and open towards new things', and what about: 'You need to make “friends” easy and to have empathy'. Also a very logical but important competence was mentioned: The knowledge of English.

But for the project partners this advise had the pole position: You really need to believe that all are equal, all can learn from each other, all have something to teach others. So if you as a teacher are open minded, and willing to find out what Europe and the world has to offer yourself and your pupils,  teaching internationalisation finds its own way. Just start looking around you in your classroom together with your pupils and name all the items that came from... abroad. You will be surprised and the first discussion could be: why is it that we have so many international products in our classroom or surrounding?

Once  you are used to the idea of thinking in a bigger setting, you could start looking into the International Orientation Programme. In each European country, the Common Framework for Europe Competence (CFEC) is a perfect start to prepare youth to become tomorrow's European citizens. With its domains and levels it offers structure for  a good International orientation programme.


In this COMENIUS project, Call 2013, TRIGGER offers a new teaching approach combined with new learning materials about Internationalization and new skills, such as being adaptive for changes, being a team player, being an active EU citizen, being curious, interactive and taking care of the environment.


 However, the framework and new skills have to be implemented in secondary education.  And in many countries the learning method could use a renewal, sometimes being the opposite of showing the youth how to be flexible or enterprising.  Teachers still struggle with the task how to implement EU competences and new skills in the classroom, this is in the end why we started this project. 


How did the project partners proceed to offer you this new teaching tools:

1 We started with trying to find ways to integrate CFEC, new skills and more than one subject in an overview of one page that can be used for assessing learner output.

2 In a meeting we started off with the new skills and described 12 topics in which we could integrate all input, being the CFEC, skills and subjects.

3 We designed example tasks for each topic, integrating an assessment form.

4. We wrote teacher guidelines for each task, refering to how they could work on these new skills in this specific task. Also providing answers or suggestions for assessment. (see products > tasks).

5 Besides this we also wrote a general teacher guide, with all information combined with internationalization in Secondary education.

6. The tasks have been tested bij learners from The Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Norway. During the tasks they also worked together or with other international contact schools.

7 Based on their outcomes national pilot reports will be made. These will be combined with the feedback of teachers from The Netherlands, Spain, Romania  and Norway, present at the seminar in The Netherlands (april 2015).

8 A final revisement of the learner tasks, curriculum planner, management brochure and teacher guide has been done where needed, all based on the feedback from teachers (May-June 2015).

9 Extra materials that teachers offered us after the pilots will find a place on the website too. Right after the 12 learner tasks. We are very proud that teachers felt so much involved in this project that they wanted to share other tasks or cards that teachers all over Europe can use!


Even though TRIGGER  project target group are secondary school teachers, some of the Tasks, namely Tasks 3 “Sustainable Entreprising”, 6 “Intercultural Awareness and Internationalization”, and 8 “Sports and Food” can also be used by primary school teachers. They will find instructions how to use them in the Teacher Guide at the end of each Task.



Finally we wish all teachers succes while using our project materials! Please feel free to adapt them to your own wishes, this is why we published in Word documents. We only ask you to keep the logo and disclaimer on the documents, as this project was funded with European money.

And whenever you also want to share and publish materials that fit in the project aims? Just go to our Facebook button and you can publish your own tasks to be shared!

At last: whenever you feel the need for contact, our contact details are on the website.


The project team:

Anabel, Hege, Kathrin, Margrieta and Monica


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