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May 2014: The flyer of TRIGGER stands out between the professional literature that was offered at the Secondary Education Seminar


September 2014: Representatives of the European Platform were present at the kick-off meeting in NL. They were impressed by the material that the project consortium provided for the pilot and interested in disseminating the project and materials in NL. The project representative was very happy to provide them with an English and Dutch learner tasks set and also the teacher handbook has been provided.


October 2014: Pilots are currewntly running in Spain, The Netherlands, Romania and Norway. Where possible school teachers and learners try to work together with the other partner schools or even other schools in Europe.


January 2015: The TRIGGER project has been accepted for a presentation at the international INTED conference.  Margrieta Kroese will present the project itself, the needs that led to the project application and the toolkit products to a wide international audience. She will also introduce the target groups to the pilots that are currently running in Spain, Norway, Romania and The Netherlands.  

Aim is to get more secondary schools interested for the learner tasks, the use of CECF domains in their classrooms and the training options for the new skills that young learners should possess to expand  their future labor possibilities on the global market.


March 2015: IThe TRIGGER project has been disseminated during the INTED 2015 conference in Madrid (Spain).  It is the 9th year that the International Technology, Education and Development Conference has been held. It took place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, 2015, while registration was done on 1st of March .

INTED2015 provided the ideal opportunity to present our TRIGGER project results until now and our experiences. It was the perfect platform to discuss the latest developments in the field of Teaching and learning methodologies, educational projects and innovations and new technologies applied to Education and Research. This conference will be held at international level. More than 600 delegates from 75 different countries were attending. Both an oral presentation has been given about the project and pilots as poster sessions.


March 2015: The third electronic newsletter has been send. 


23 April 2015: The TRIGGER seminar has been hold in Zwolle, The Netherlands.Teachers from Dutch, Spanish, Romanian and Norwegian schools were present at workshops, a lecture, a project presentation and a world café about how to teach the new skills and Internationalisation. Teachers also reflected on the proposals for improvement of the learner tasks.The seminar was evaluated by the participants with the score of 9 out of 10!


May 2015: Publishing of the TRIGGER Seminar report and an extra newsletter about the seminar.


June 2015: Video about the Seminar published: The video presents a speed date with teachers form the pilot countries Spain, Romania, Norway and The Netherlands. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZlXHaGVlDk&feature=youtu.be


September 2015:  The Trigger web site has been visited by people all over the world!

According to the latest google analytics (August 2015), the Trigger web site www.trigger-project.org has had a huge increase in the number of visitors! By August 2015, new 4879 people have visited the web site! Around 1000 people have re-visited it, so the total number is 5843.  The USA has the highest number with 1232, but the countries representing the steering board of the project; The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Norway and Romania are all on top 11. There have been visitors from 118 out of the 193 countries in the world. This proofs that the project has reached teachers, pupils and administrative staff worldwide and has gained great international attention.


September 2015: In this last project month the final newsletter has been published. WHen deemed necessary the project members will contact their readers with extra information or even an extra newsletter.

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According to the latest google analytics (August 2015), the Trigger web site has had a huge increase in the number ...

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