National Research Reports

The first reports published are the national research reports, based on research conducted in the partner countries: Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain. The partners investigated what the main needs are of the target groups for the teaching of new skills and of internationalization of school curricula. And to identify e.g. which skills are perceived as the most important; which subjects are best suited for teaching those skills. 

The national reports provide the input for the International report. Its recommendations have been used to develop the learner tasks and teacher handbook.


How did the project partners proceed: 

1.      We started the project with a research on the needs of the target group and wanted to find out what teachers need to teach internationalisation and new skills.

2.      Based on that aim we developed a research questionnaire, interview guide and a structure for the report. This was discussed in the first project meeting with all the partners, to create a common understanding of the research process.

3.      Each partner took the questionnaires into their institutions in Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Germany. They asked teachers and teacher trainees for their responds. At the same time each partner started a desk research on Elos and Unesco schools and Internationalisation in secondary education in their own country.

4.      Based on the outcomes of the desk research and the questionnaires/interviews each partner wrote a national report to analyse the results of the research.

5.      The research was checked by the leader of the research concerning formatting and content.

6.      The research reports were presented and approved in a meeting with all partners and disseminated to stakeholders.


Target group
Teachers and management in secondary education.

National reports provide an analysis of the current situation in partners countries. Main subjects are:

- general situation of Secondary/general Education system in own country;

- inventory of the current learning approaches in Secondary Education;

- inventory of the current situation on teaching internationalization and use of CFEC

- inventory of the methods for mobility preparation

- inventory of initiatives to join European/International educational programmes like ELOS and

   Unesco Edu

- best practices about internationalization and mobility

- recommendations for integration of the toolkit products (learner tasks and teachers handbook)
   in the educational programmes.


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National Research reports

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