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Developing a handbook for teachers and school managers on internationalization and mobility preparation that is easy to print. The teacher handbook provides information on internationalisation, methods to teach internationalisation as well as the ERASMUS+ programme. It provides background information on topics related to internationalisation and fosters new teaching methods like working with a portfolio.



How did the project partners proceed: 

1.   The application of the project was a first guideline for the structure of the handbook. In addition, the research reports provided recommendations on how to develop the handbook.

2.   After a first conclusion of all the leading documents the structure and the format for the handbook was designed and presented on a meeting with the consortium.

3.   After approval of the general structure through the consortium members, the content of the handbook was written following the feedback of the target group and the project partners.

4.   The content of the handbook was presented to the project partners. The feedback of the project partners was the basis for a final revisement of the pilot version of the handbook.

5.   In the piloting phase of the project, the handbook was tested by teachers in the piloting institutions in Spain, the Netherlands, Romania and Norway.

6.   The teachers provided their feedback on the teacher handbook and the learner tasks at the end of the pilot phase and the piloting partners wrote pilot reports including the feedback.

7.   The results of the pilot reports were gathered by the partners and recommendations for a revision of the teacher handbook were provided by the partners.

8.   The teacher handbook was revised following the provided feedback and a final version of the teacher handbook was approved by the consortium.

Target group 
Teachers and managers in secondary education.


The teacher handbook aims to cover background information to start teaching internationalisation in secondary education. It can be seen as a starting point. It offers an introduction to TRIGGER, European grant options, intercultural and psychological aspects of internationalization. It offers an overview of benefits of internationalisation and mobility and the learner tasks. It shows teachers how they can provide the learners with new skills, such as being curious or entrepreneural behaviour.

In addition the teacher handbook provides an introduction into different teaching methods to teach internationalisation like porfolios, kahoot! And others.

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Teacher Handbook

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