Trigger website all over the world!


 Flora (NO) 2 September 2015 - The Trigger website has been visited by people all over the world!

According to the latest google analytics (August 2015), the Trigger web site has had a huge increase in the number of visitors! By August 2015, new 4879 people have visited the web site! Around 1000 people have re-visited it, so the total number is 5843.  The USA has the highest number with 1232, but the countries representing the steering board of the project; The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Norway and Romania are all in the top 11. There have been visitors from 118 out of the 193 countries in the world. Besides this the project has got 105 likes on Facebook and has been currently updated also with small texts, pictures and video's.  Besides this 1073 products have been downloaded through our website!  This proofs that the project has reached teachers, pupils and administrative staff worldwide and has gained great international attention.

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